Super Trend Profit Indicator By Karl Dittman Can Make 100+ Pips Daily!

Super Trend Profit is the latest forex indicator that has been developed by Karl Dittmann, a pro forex trader from Germany. Karl Dittmann is claiming that his Super Trend Profit indicator can make 500+ pips per week which comes out to 100 pips daily. He has posted a few screenshots of his Super Trend Profit indicator in action. Below is a screenshot of this indicator in action trading EUR/JPY pair on the M15 timeframe.

Super Trend Profit

As the screenshot shows, trading with this indicator is easy. When the trendline is blue, you will buy and when the trendline goes red, you will sell. It is as simple as that. You will get a popup alert as well as an email alert when there is a BUY/SELL signal. The best timeframes for this indicator are the H4, H1, M30 and M15. With this indicator you will be able to catch any trend whether big or small. Below is another screenshot of this indicator in action trading EUR/USD pair on the H4 timeframe.

Super Trend Profit Indicator

As you can see from the screenshot, Super Trend Profit indicator will tell you about the current trend whether it is up or down. When the trend line turns blue you buy and when it turns red, you sell. Karl Dittmann is giving 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test his latest forex indicator on the demo account first. Just make sure that you make at least 20-50 trades on the demo account first with this indicator before you take the risk of trading live with it.

After making these 20-50 trades on the demo account, make your judgement whether this is a good software or not. If the win rate is really poor and the indicator doesn’t seem to know when to signal buy and when to signal sell, you can ask for a refund. You can also use this indicator to confirm the trading signals generated by your trading system. Thoroughly testing this software on the demo account will help you a lot in determining whether this indicator is really accurate or not. According to Karl Dittmann, the developer of this Super Trend Profit indicator the accuracy of his indicator lies between 85% to 90%. When you make 20-50 trades on the demo account, you can calculate the winrate and check yourself what was the average winrate of this Super Trend Profit Forex Indicator.

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