Forex Supervisor 100% Auto Profit Configurator By Rita Lasker!

Forex Supervisor is not a robot. Forex Supervisor is not an indicator. It is also not a manual system. You might be wondering what it is then. Forex Supervisor is an auto profit control tool that will make you 10 times more fast as compared to what you are while trading on the MT4 platform. The problem with the MT4 platform is that you have to do a lot of things manually. Suppose you have 4 trades open at one time. If the price is moving fast and you want to close all those trades at a certain price, you can’t do that since you will be closing all the trades manually and that’s going to take time. But now with this Forex Supervisor Software, you will be doing things 10 times faster. Take a look at the screenshot below that shows the Forex Supervisor in action!

Forex Supervisor Software

Forex Supervisor is the latest product by Rita Lasker. According to Rita Lasker, her new software incorporates 4 new revolutionary technologies:

1-ZeroSecond Boosted Algorithm

2-DRAG-n-DROP Profit Technology

3-Dynamic SynchroVisor System

4-4 Bonus Scripts

Below is another screenshot showing how this tool is going to make trading easy and fast for you.Just install the supervisor on the chart you are trading. Insert the SL and TP targets in settings. When you open an order, this software is going to automatically add the SL and TP levels to that order. If you want to change those SL and TP levels just Drag-n-Drop these lines to the levels that you want.

Forex Supervisor Software

You also get as said above 4 useful one touch scripts for instantaneously opening and closing the orders. These 4 scripts are going to make things fantastically fast for you. Rita Lasker is also throwing in her Forex 5 Stars Informer as a bonus as well. This Forex 5 Stars Informer gives signals on the H1, H4and D1 timeframes. You can try this Forex Supervisor RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account!

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