Auto Binary Code FREE Software Download!

Wall Street Exposed website is giving away it’s Auto Binary Code software FREE. This Auto Binary Code Software is FREE for 90 days. During these 90 days, you get to chance to use this software and make some money. The only caveat is that in order to activate the Auto Binary Code software, you need to open an account with Cedar Finance. Once you have made the deposit, you can activate the software and that’s it.

Auto Binary Code

Trading binary options is hot right now. Many day traders are switching from forex to forex binary options. If you have a good scalping system, you can tweak that system and use it for trading binary options. But many people want a software. So this is what the Wall Street Exposed team is doing. They have developed this Auto Binary Code software that you can download and use for 90 days. As said above, they want use to open an account with their broker of choice Cedar Finance. No problem, just make a deposit of $300 and activate the software. In the beginning, choose $10 as the trade size. Make 5 trades and you can easily check how much good this software is. If you lose all the trades, you lose $50. And incase you win all the 5 trades, you make a profit of $40.5. Just keep in mind that you need to test this Auto Binary Code Software. If you are not willing to part away with $50, then simply paper trade the signals generated by this Auto Binary Code Software and make a judgement about its performance before you risk your real money trading with it.

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  • Sharitage

    Reply Reply June 17, 2013

    I downloaded, put $200 in Cedar and have lost 4 out of every 5 trades. The signal is off! I contacted Cedar and they told me they didn’t have anything to do with Auto Binary Code.
    Also, when the signal says “Pull” and you hit “Trade” it actually pops up “Call” and… of course, you lose.
    Can someone please tell me how you guys get correct signals and win and I am losing. Have lost almost all of my $200.
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    • Hassam

      Reply Reply June 19, 2013

      Please read the last part of the post carefully where we have suggested that first you need to paper trade with the signals and check how good is the quality. Trade live only when you have checked the quality of the signals to be very high by paper trading them. Some brokers allow demo trading. In that case, you should demo trade with the signals and check the performance.

      Marketers have a tendency to create a hype in order to sell their products. You don’t know how good a product or software is until and unless you check it yourself. So instead of blowing your account what you need to do is always first demo trade with the software and trade live only when you are super satisfied with the performance. In case, broker does not allow demo trading, you should paper trade the signals. We hope this advise will help the readers of this blog a lot.

      • Sharon

        Reply Reply June 20, 2013

        Well, in other words, what you are saying is “it doesn’t work”. You never mention anything about it working, just that we should try a demo first. If the system worked, then you wouldn’t be telling me to try the demo first. All those videos say it WORKS… and show a million dollars made (which I don’t believe, but it would be nice to make a few bucks!)

        And altho you are admitting that it doesn’t work, I see you have a link for us to get the same software.

        Why? If it doesn’t work, why scam people?

        • Hassam

          Reply Reply June 21, 2013

          Marketers create hype in order to sell their systems. There are many products in the market that make tall claims. If all these systems were so good, why would anyone sell them. It is plain simple that most of these people are making money by selling their systems. So that’s why we had suggested at the end of the post to test the software on a demo account first. And if demo account is not available, paper trade with the signals. Never ever trade live with a new system or software until and unless you have tested it thoroughly on the demo account first.

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